As a leading provider of carrier and corporate VoIP switches since 2002, Finite Technologies has taken the next logical step in the evolution of communications and utilized our own technology to launch IBeXc in the Anchorage Area.  IBeXc is a Cloud based VoIP platform providing telecommunication services to business and residential customers.  

Like the dawn of the Internet not so many years ago, Cloud based services are changing the way we purchase and maintain communication and other data services.  With IBeXc you get the advantages and features of a huge corporate PBX system, but you only subscribe to the services you need. 

Imagine no longer having to purchase an expensive phone system, worry about maintenance, upgrades, and all of the other issues that come with owning your own system.  IBeXc’s Hosted Phone System is simple and easy--you purchase inexpensive commodity phones and subscribe to our hosted service.  We provide all the features you could ever want in a business phone system for one low price per month.  

If you already have a business phone system or a residential phone, we offer VoIP lines with a small conversion box that provides a wire that works the way your old phone line(s) did.  You keep your current investment working until its logical end.

If you are a corporate user with a PBX that uses T1 or PRI service from a local phone company, you can convert to VoIP based service.  We can offer a replacement Virtual PRI to connect your existing phone system to our IBeXc service.  If your phone system is too old to support VoIP connection, we can provide a box that will convert the IBeXc service to a traditional PRI to interface with your phone system.  Virtual PRI services are available starting at one (1) channel with no realistic maximum number of channels.  

SIP Trunking, for any standards based telecommunications switch, provides your phone system with access to the outside world or specialized needs by offering select services.  Services can include full connection to the rest of the world, intra-state, interstate and international long distance.

IBeXc is a modern, highly redundant Internet based communication system/service.  Our IBeX platform provides unparalleled stability.  

Join the communications revolution, today! Talk with a member of our sales team to understand how you can move to the latest in communications technology.