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Our IBeXc Service is based on our IBeX Switches which are the most advanced VoIP switches in the market.

Our goal is to maintain 99.95% availability for the IBeXc service. This means that we plan to have no more than the following down time:

  • Daily: 43.2s
  • Weekly: 5m 2.4s
  • Monthly: 21m 54.9s
  • Yearly: 4h 22m 58.5s

We use an third party (Dotcom-monitor) to verify our availability and average call completion time. This company tests our availability and call completion time from 9 locations world wide.

Our availability is based on our switches being available and being able to complete a call to a number in the local Anchorage area.

Availability to an individual customer site is not something we can control since each site may or may not have the redundant equipment, power, Internet, etc. required to provide a high level of service.

One thing to note, even if your site is not connected to our switches for any reason we still answer your calls and route them to voice mail or other locations as per your individual needs.

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