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  • Voicemail Access

    There are several ways to access your voicemail.

    Messages Button Snom 3xx, 7xx & 8xx Phones

    All desktop Snom phones have a “Message” button as follows:

    • Snom 3xx series phones there is a message light with adjacent button.
    • Snom 7xx and 8xx series phones the message button has an integrated light.

    If the message light is lite on any of these model phones, simply press the message button and you will be presented with the voicemail menu. If the light is not lite then you will need to access your messages by referring the Configure & Access Your Voicemail instructions below.

    Configure & Access Your Voicemail

    If you don’t have voicemail then the voicemail button on your phone will not work. To configure your voicemail options or access Old Messagesproceed as follows:

    • Dial 2000
    • Enter your voicmail box
    • Enter your password
    • Follow the menu prompts


    • There are three voice prompts to set
      • Your name
      • Your busy message
      • Your unavailable message.
    • There is also an option to set a temporary message and then delete it later. The temporary message allows you to set a message that is short term so you don’t have to change your normal messages. When the temporary message is set then your other messages will not play. When you delete this message later then the other messages will play as they did before this message was set.
    • In most cases your busy and unavailable message will be the same.
    • When you are done setting your mailbox options you can simply hangup.
    • Voicemail boxes start with a preconfigured password of 1111
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